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Private Pilot Coaching

Private pilot flight training company based in Ireland.

The brief : Improve the overall design and user experience of the company website for desktop and mobile



Pain Points (Discussed with Client)

-Potential customers hesitate before contacting the service (lack of trust)

-Customers have to call to find out what the service actually is because they don't understand the website.

-Mobile website doesn’t look as good as desktop

Pain Points (After Usability Testing (with suitable customers)

- Not enough information on website to be able to tell what the service is.

- Looks low quality so "would not pursue the course further" after looking on website.

- Hard to navigate - "By using the menu you think you're going to get more information but it just brings you to the same info on the homepage"

- Doesn't look professional enough - "To make me actually spend money on this I would have to be made more confident that they are professionals" 


iPhone XR Isometric.jpg
PixelBook Go and Pixel 4 XL.jpg

Finished Design

The new website has a clear consistent design. With colours inspired by the controls in the flight deck and high quality images, this site now looks professional and trustworthy. The information about the service is clear and abundant and the site is easy to navigate for the user to find what they are looking for. The site is also now mobile friendly making the user experience second to none.

Try the prototype here!
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